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Creatives Chat: Writing – Jamie Marriage

Jamie Marriage is an aspiring Australian author with a love of Cyberpunk culture, Japanese history, and cult favourites.
In the last few years he has had nine published short stories, seventeen book reviews for young adult, adult Sci-Fi, crime and erotica novels, and had photographs used for both promotional material and a literary magazine cover.
Always on the lookout for new experiences and subject matter, he prowls the streets of Sydney, Australia, hunting for more material for his chaotic and sarcastic works.

Jamie Marriage chats writing:

1. How long have you been involved in the creative industries, and how did you become a professional writer?

I’ve been involved the creative industry for around about five years. I started out in a local writers group, but couldn’t hang around for long because I was always on the move. So I had to keep my contacts and efforts based online for the most part.
With the contacts I did have I joined a mostly Australian based review group, built up the writing I was already doing, took more photos, made contacts, and haven’t stopped moving forward.

2. Do people offer you work, or do you have to chase it down yourself?

Most of the time it’s me looking for work through writing markets; more often trying to find places for my work rather than tailoring my work to meet a market. Sometimes I get lucky and had people approach me for work though. The first time I ended up on an editor’s “panic list” was one of my proudest days as a writer.


3. Have you ever worked on a self-publishing project? What was the experience like – any traps or unexpected perks?

Not yet. I’ve got some plans in my head for a couple of projects, but I want to be adequately prepared for the day I start them going.

4. How do you negotiate fees while freelancing for somebody?

The majority of my work has been paid through barter. As I’m still relatively new in the industry this hasn’t worked out too bad as a way of starting out. I’ve been paid with free books, proofreading, advertising and opportunities. When I negotiate fees for a cash payment it usually comes down to a flat fee.

While there haven’t been any real traps I’ve fallen into with fee-based payment I have been surprised a few times. The first time I accepted a royalty-only payment I was a little shocked to realise that my first pay-check barely afforded me a cup of hot chocolate.

5. What single piece of advice did you wish you’d known when you were starting out in the industry?

Don’t get depressed because of rejection. The first time hurts, it really does. So does the second and third time, and pretty much every time until you get something accepted. Then it all becomes worthwhile.

For more information about Jamie, check out his website, www.JamieMarriage.com.

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