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A yoga website promotes the type of fitness organisations who specialise in yoga classes and mindfulness. They often include a timetable and booking engine, be it 3rd party (such as MindBody) or integrated into the Wordpress website. They can include online stores for users to purchase tickets to special yoga workshops or yoga equipment and clothing, online studios for users to participate in zoom classes at their leisure, a blog to engage readers, and information about their yoga instructors. My yoga websites all carry a calm but engaging vibe to mirror the studio’s vibe online.

  • Function well website case study

    Function Well

    Fostering a holistic approach to fitness through our specialised zones and 95+ classes per week. Function Well is OPEN 24/7 and the place to optimise your health and enhance your lifestyle.

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  • Brisbane yoga space website launched

    Brisbane YogaSpace website re-vamp, now live!

    I’m excited to announce the launch of the third website I’ve worked on with the amazingly awesome Keren Cooksey; the Brisbane YogaSpace website re-vamp! The directors of Brisbane YogaSpace, Keren and Jacqui, had an old existing website, but wanted a design revamp, WordPress integration, and to pull in their MindBody […]

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  • Brisbane YogaSpace

    Yoga is a holistic practise that helps affect and balance our body, mind and spirit. In our classes you will learn more effective breathing techniques, yoga postures for increased flexibility and strength as well as relaxation and mindfulness for mind and heart.

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  • Falmouth YogaSpace

    Falmouth YogaSpace is Falmouth’s only dedicated yoga space, offering classes, workshops, teacher training and more. Managed by Keren Cooksey, through FYS, she hopes to keep teaching and studying, to share what she learns, and hopefully make some new friends and yoga buddies as she goes along.

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