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Creating and maintaining an effective online presence is easier and more cost effective than you think, but it is not free.

Whether you know exactly what you want or are musing over the options still, together we can assemble your ideas and make them a (virtual) reality.

During the quoting phase I’ll break everything I propose down into manageable modules, so you know exactly where costs are coming from.

It’s also worth noting that I offer payment plans for customers who can’t manage a single lump-sum payment, when invoicing time comes.

How much will my website cost?

It’s a question I get asked several times on a daily basis, so here is a guide on the kinds of figures I quote:

Design phase:
  • $150 per unique template design. So if you need a Homepage, Category-type page (to list sub-pages), Article-type page, and Form-type page, you are looking at $600 for design.
Development Phase:
  • WordPress configuration and custom theme creation: $1500
    includes purpose-built fields based on only what you need
  • Custom post type creation/integration $200 each
    for entire admin sections that need to be built by me during development
  • Ecommerce shop: $500
    using Woocommerce
  • Event calendar: $200
    using The Events Calendar

Each additional bit of functionality you require will be modularised based on how long it’ll take me to integrate in a professional and seamless manner with the rest of the website.

Add up Design and Development – and that is how much your website will probably cost from concept to go-live.

If you can’t afford this – then please look elsewhere.

Search Engine Optimisation fees:
  • The first step for any new SEO job is an SEO report, which will cost $80, regardless of whether you want to proceed with the changes or not.
    I take your website and request very seriously, and generating a report takes a lot of time; time that I must charge for.
  • Provided that I built your website, all SEO work/changes are billed at $60/hr.

If you want to try generating your own SEO report, check out my SEO Audit template here.

Ad-hoc website support for websites I didn’t build:

If someone else built your website, go back to them first, as they know your site better than anyone else stepping in will.

  • I do not take on SEO work or offer pre-paid maintenance support for sites I didn’t build.
    I don’t have time to mess around with other people’s code. They are usually too much work to fix, and I can’t be held accountable for gremlins put into a site by someone else.
    I am, however, happy to talk to you about redeveloping your website. Fill out my quote form below as first point of contact.
  • If you are intent on keeping your old site, and want me to maintain someone else’s borked code, it will be at a rate of $100/hr, and I will complete only the specific tasks you request of me (that is, I won’t manage the website for you).

Ready to get serious? good. Let’s do this thing:

Please be aware: due to demand, I currently have a 3 month waiting list. That means, if you want to work with me and contact me today, I’ll email you back of course, but you’ll need to wait for 3 months before I can actually begin your project. This is because I’m not willing to slot new customers in between other customers who have been waiting three months for me to be able to get to their jobs.

If you’re okay with this? Please fill out the below. If not? Please find someone else who can meet your deadline/expectations.

But please, please don’t ask me to ‘fit you in urgently’ around the others who have been waiting. I can’t – won’t – do that to my clients.

    Why do I need this information?

    Because websites – good websites, made and maintained by a professional with over 20 years industry experience – are not free. I have a family, a home and many, many bills to pay. 

    And I am finding myself in high demand. I have had periods where my queue for new development timeframes occurred up to 6 months in the future. I am asked for new website quotes on almost a daily basis, some of which fall through when the client realises that I will be charging money for my services.

    Web development is my job, not my hobby

    During our working relationship I will spend a lot of time talking to you about your requirements to build a better website with you – but only if you value what I can offer and are prepared to exchange money for it. I do not offer my services at the expense some others in my industry do, but there still will be a cost for my services. If in doubt of my abilities, please view any of my case studies and read what my clients have to say.

    What I can no longer do, owing to increased demands on my time, is devise proposals, sitemaps and quotes for a company who either a) expects me to work for free, or near enough, or b) uses my time and provided proposal and site map development expertise to tell me that they will get a friend to make a website for free.

    So – if you’ve clicked away from this page in disgust – how dare she ask for payment for her services?! – good for you. We will never be able to please each other, and we have both dodged bullets.

    If you are still reading – thank you for valuing my industry and expertise. It means a lot to me. Please submit the information on the form and we will talk soon. Together we will be able to make something brilliant.

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