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An artist’s website is defined as any website a creative uses to display and/or sell their creative services, be it paintings, sculptures, print media, illustrations, performance, etc. With my artistic clients we using a combination of Wordpress and Woocommerce to sell artwork, unless they have some other 3rd party system to sell art in mind. For photo galleries, that is, a section where the client displays their artwork and explains more about the inspiration behind their art project, I usually create a custom section using custom post types and Advanced Custom Fields. Artist’s websites always have a bespoke theme that incorporates the artist’s own artwork into the design.

For my performance artists, we use custom-made event systems to display upcoming performances and archive past performances, and encourage users to register their interest in and purchase tickets for upcoming plays and shows.

  • Peter Rowe

    Peter Rowe is an Author, Illustrator, Artist, Presenter and Motivational Speaker, and yes he also just happens to have Down syndrome. He is not ashamed of having Down syndrome, nor does he feel limited or defined by this; in fact, he thinks it is very important to embrace who you […]

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  • Liliana Stafford

    Liliana Stafford is the website of the Perth-based author, illustrator and abstract artist. Writing, painting, drawing and wire work are her life; she is a communicator and stories and art are Liliana’s medium.

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  • The Slipstream

    Webblog of acclaimed Australian author Isobelle Carmody. Slipstream falls between speculative fiction and mainstream fiction. While some slipstream novels employ elements of science fiction or fantasy, not all do.

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