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An eBooks website usually includes different ways for writers to sell their ebooks. It might be through a 3rd party sales utility (such as Amazon/Kindle) or it might be through an in-built Woocommerce store. Either way the eBook website is designed with the intention for the client to be able to sell their writing online and direct users to purchase their work.

  • Creatives Chat: Writing – Emily Craven

    Emily is the Digital Producer at if:book Australia and The Australian Writer’s Marketplace, and blogs about e-books and digital strategies for writers on her own site. She also runs a podcast for writers on marketing and digital strategies. In 2012 she produced Adelaide: Choose Your Own Adventure, an interactive choose […]

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  • Greylands eBook Launch

    The Greylands eBook Launch site was live for approximately one month, starting July 4th 2012, as a carefully-managed and -timed online showcase/event. It featured the launch of Isobelle Carmody’s Greylands novel as an eBook, a book trailer, competitions and a hugely-popular Great eBook Debate.

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