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Having some form of online presence for your brand or business is essential in the world we live in; be it a website, social media following, or e-newsletter subscription list.

Many people believe this means they have to invest a lot of money into something they don’t really understand, for reasons they don’t understand, and that they will have to continually fork out money if they want to change anything on their website.

This isn’t the way I work. With Equivalent Exchange, I want to make the web a better place and deliver awesome websites for awesome people. I want you to understand exactly what you’re paying for, and be happy and excited about using and updating your own website for yourself. My aim is to create a transparent process, facilitating an environment where questions are welcome, which assists any web newbie to become a confident user.


  • Website services

    Website services

    Equivalent Exchange can: build you a website, blog or an online shop, create a search engine optimisation report and SEO plan for your existing website, implement search engine optimisation strategies on your existing website, troubleshoot and solve and problems on your existing website, write content (with search engines and humans […]

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  • Website portfolio

    Case Studies

    Here you will find some of my most recent and favourite web projects. Click through to any of the below to read a case study of the project, including testimonials from my clients and project requirements of each website.

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  • Website modules


    Just starting out? Not sure what you need? Have a look over my modules outlined below. Think of them as starter packs, to help get you thinking about the online possibilities. When you’re ready to jump in, send me a wave. I look forward to working with you to make […]

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  • Website training

    Training & Helpdesk Support

    Part of the website creation process is training clients on how to use their amazing new website and to ensure they are happy and confident in using their website. Whether you’re a tech-head or a luddite, I can take you through how to use what we’ve created together. Existing WordPress […]

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  • Website quote


    Creating and maintaining an effective online presence is easier and more cost effective than you think, but it is not free. Whether you know exactly what you want or are musing over the options still, together we can assemble your ideas and make them a (virtual) reality. During the quoting […]

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Let’s get technical

As well as being in the web development industry since 1999, I am also a qualified trainer, technical support officer, technical writer, SEO officer and structural editor.

I’m a client-side coder, specialising in HTML, CSS and jQuery. I’m a huge fan of the latest standards (HTML5/CSS3), and well-versed in the old XHTML Strict/CSS2 – all the way back to iframe and table-based layouts.

For content-managed systems I am familiar with e107.org (php/MySQL), WordPress (php/MySQL), and Umbraco (IIS/.net/XSLT/Razor).

If you ever wanted to know more about me, my motivation and how I ended up in web design and development, head over to my bio page.

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