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Training & Helpdesk Support

Part of the website creation process is training clients on how to use their amazing new website and to ensure they are happy and confident in using their website.

Whether you’re a tech-head or a luddite, I can take you through how to use what we’ve created together.

Existing WordPress Website Training

If you have a WordPress website already, but just don’t know how to use it – I can teach you. Training is billed at $80/hr, depending on what’s required exactly – I don’t want to charge you for something you don’t need.

The majority of training is conducted over emailed videos, simple so you have a documented history of what we’ve spoken about, and can refer to it whenever you want a reminder. The trick to understanding anything online is not knowing everything, but recalling that you’ve been shown something, and then knowing where to find the answers.

Send me a wave and let me know what you need.

Website (WordPress) Manual

If you have a few people to train in your business, instead of taking everyone through it individually, I can write a training document or user-guide, specifically for your website, so all your current – and any future – staff can refer to it whenever they need to do anything.

The training guide comes with an index, appendix of common functionality, and customised screenshots of the majority of steps you will encounter, with arrows indicating exactly what to click next. This is an invaluable but oft-forgotten investment you can make in your digital investment, as it means that literally anyone you want to have manage your website can manage it with very little hassle.

Because manuals are created from scratch every time, to suit your individual website and needs, prices vary. Just let me know what you need and I’ll provide a quote.

General Support

In a previous life (well, my previous career!) I was a technical support officer, supporting Autodesk and Microsoft products, building computers, and mostly troubleshooting other people’s computer problems. I am available for general website support and training over email.

If you’re already a client of mine and it’s a simple enough question/answer situation, I will help you out – just ask.

If you’re a friend of a friend, or a new client, my consultancy fee is $80/hr. Send me a message via my quote form with details of what you require.

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