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  • Creatives Chat: Editing – Nan McNab

    Nan McNab is a renowned editing professional and experienced wordsmith, who is able to see both wood and trees. She has been a freelance editor full-time since 1984 and has worked with most major publishers. Nan has worked alongside a truly phenomenal array of fine authors, many several times, including […]

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  • Creatives Chat: Writing – Liliana Stafford

    Liliana has been writing for over twenty years and illustrating for 6. Her best known title is Amelia Ellicott’s Garden which has been published internationally and is currently being turned into a play for school children. Liliana is also known for her horse and pony series based on the ten […]

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  • Creatives Chat: Writing – Emily Craven

    Emily is the Digital Producer at if:book Australia and The Australian Writer’s Marketplace, and blogs about e-books and digital strategies for writers on her own site. She also runs a podcast for writers on marketing and digital strategies. In 2012 she produced Adelaide: Choose Your Own Adventure, an interactive choose […]

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  • Creatives Chat: Writing – Marianne De Pierres

    Marianne de Pierres is the author of the acclaimed Parrish Plessis and award-winning Sentients of Orion science fiction series. The Parrish Plessis series has been translated into eight languages and adapted into a roleplaying game. She’s also the author of the Night Creatures teen dark fantasy series. Marianne is an […]

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  • Creatives Chat: Writing – Jamie Marriage

    Jamie Marriage is an aspiring Australian author with a love of Cyberpunk culture, Japanese history, and cult favourites. In the last few years he has had nine published short stories, seventeen book reviews for young adult, adult Sci-Fi, crime and erotica novels, and had photographs used for both promotional material […]

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  • Creatives Chat: Writing – Carol Knee-Omant

    I work full time. I also eat, breathe and write. I don’t believe you get a choice. You write. It is a part of who you are. I write horror; I’ve tried other stuff, but it twists and turns until it becomes horror. I gave up trying to change it. […]

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  • Creatives Chat: Writing – Sophie Masson

    Sophie Masson is the award-winning author of more than 50 novels for children, young adults and adults, published in Australia and many other countries. Her essays, articles and reviews have also appeared frequently in print and online, in many different outlets, and she blogs regularly. For many years, Sophie has […]

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