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Porthpean Outdoor Education Centre

Porthpean Outdoor overlooks the South Coast of Cornwall, offering outdoor adventure for your school, family & community.

Porthpean: Home of Outdoor Adventure in Cornwall.


With our new website going live only a few days ago, it is with genuine pleasure that I can add my thoughts on the experience of working with Min and equivalent exchange.

I have led numerous small business start-ups over 20 years, and I can safely say that I would consider Min as being the most responsive, most helpful, and also, the most skilled web professional I have worked with during this time. Min’s customer service, communication, and solution-finding has been nothing short of exceptional, with all queries being answered promptly and in clear, easy to understand language. Not satisfied with simply giving you the answer, Min explains why and how, to help you gain a better understanding of your website, allowing you to tackle similar situations yourself in the future, saving you time and money.

Min provides fantastic value for money for what we have found to be a very polished and slick end product. Whilst visually awesome, usability and findability are central to Min’s websites, giving you the complete solution to your business’s web presence. We are absolutely stoked with our new site!

Suffice to say, I cannot recommend Min highly enough for your next web project.

-- Lee Gamble

Director, Porthpean Outdoor Education Centre

Web project details:

Porthpean is one of those end products that I can’t stop looking at. It’s just so nice. 

And it helps that the people working on the project are nice, too. Lee and Keren embody friendly professionalism, enthusiasm and care. Having recently acquired the Porthpean Outdoor Education Centre business, they were keen to refresh the online experience for schools, and extend Porthpean’s offerings to family and community groups, including day-hire for watersports equipment. 

From a technical perspective, the Porthpean website is a WordPress shell with heavy Advanced Custom Fields and custom post type integration. The bespoke theme built especially for Porthpean after a wonderful design phase is as elegant from a coding perspective as it is aesthetic, integrating all of the latest SEO best practises, and harnessing a modularised design which enables the configuration of pages to be limitless, and simple for a non-coder to manage. 

A modularised back-end allows Lee and Keren to create any combination of blocks on any page.

Forms wise, we went with Ninja forms, integrating many of their addons to enable file uploads, multi-step forms and conditional logic. 

One of the priorities Lee expressed was the teacher and school facilitator process: he wanted it to be really easy for schools to submit the sometimes hundreds of forms required when organising a camp for their school. We came up with the Teacher Zone, which utilises the custom post type of Publications, which I created from scratch to allow for a document control centre, and the multi-part forms to make accommodation allocation a breeze. The Teacher Zone contains all of the policies the school needs, and feedback so far from teachers has been positive without exception! For parents, we’ve added a Parent Zone, which has numerous FAQs based on any questions parents might have about what their kids will get up to. 

There’s a lot of heart and soul in the Porthpean website, which I am very proud to have been part of establishing. After working on it, and seeing all the thought and care gone into ensuring kids have a safe, incredible time, I honestly wish I lived in the UK so I could send my son to one of their kids holiday club days

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