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WordPlay with Nika Harper – Vlogging about Creative Writing

Are you always trying to find ways to encourage yourself to do more creative writing? Check out the Vlog (video-blog) of Nika Harper, hosted by Geek & Sundry, called WordPlay.

Each fortnight, Nika selects a writing format – such as ghost stories, romance, or children’s stories – explains the process she goes through to write for it, and then invites her audience to participate in the writing challenge.

Writing isn’t so hard, once you get used to it! Nika Harper talks about the art of writing and challenges you to join her in making something new.

The series can be viewed here at WordPlay with Nika Harper, and the first episode, discussing Creative Writing and Short Stories can be viewed below. Whether you’re an emerging writer or a published author, Nika is a dynamic host and her encouraging and accessible vlogs are really motivating! Check her show out:

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