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Liliana Stafford

Liliana Stafford is the website of the Perth-based author, illustrator and abstract artist. Writing, painting, drawing and wire work are her life; she is a communicator and stories and art are Liliana’s medium.

Author, illustrator, abstract artist


Min Dean was a gift to me. She made everything appear simple and produced exactly the kind of website I wanted. My questions were always answered promptly and I am delighted with the result.

-- Liliana Stafford

Children's author, illustrator and abstract artist

Web project details:

Liliana Stafford contacted me via a creatives service that I ran for a time and asked if I could help rebrand her existing site, which she felt didn’t showcase her work in the way she would like.

She wanted to keep the shop she had, which allowed people to buy her books or artworks online, wanted to post the occasional article or musing, and also post about upcoming and previous art exhibitions.

With Liliana being an abstract artist, as well as an author and illustrator, there were plenty of examples of her work which she supplied me to draw inspiration from for the designs. The designs for this site fell into place – and Liliana and I were both really happy with how personalised we were able to make her website look and feel. 

Artwork by Liliana Stafford

The site was coded into a theme for WordPress, because WordPress has the very versatile and powerful ecommerce plugin (WooCommerce) that we have heavily configured to meet Liliana’s needs; to sell both her artwork, and her children’s books. There is room within the shop to sell digital products in the future, as well (such as eBooks).

Amelia Ellicott's Garden

Liliana’s site also contains lots of information about her books, an articles section for her to share her musings, a gallery in which Liliana can categorise and display her artwork (external to the shop), and a live Instagram feed that’s updated automatically any time she posts to Instagram.

Most recently I have been working with Liliana to search engine optimise her shop, to ensure that her site, and artwork, are findable. It was a lengthy process overtaken piece by piece but together we have really been able to set her store apart. Each artwork now has an accompanying ‘story’, which gives the users some idea of what was inspiring Liliana at the time of creation. 

We have also put together a newsletter that Liliana and I manage entirely from within WordPress (no third-party service that we hook in; literally everything, from her subscriber list, to newsletter editing, to the actual send process, is managed all from within WordPress). 


Working with Liliana on her website was a delight, there’s no better way to put it. I love this website, and I love how Liliana’s beautiful artwork is woven throughout it. The crow in the sidebar delights me in particular.

Liliana still is a pleasure to work with and I love how the site continues to evolve.

Visit lilianastafford.com

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