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The Red Queen Launch

The Red Queen Launch website was the information portal and ticket, book and drinks purchasing website for the launch of the 7th and final Obernewtyn Chronicles book, The Red Queen. It took place on 12th December, 2015.

Celebrating the Obernewtyn Chronicles by Isobelle Carmody

Web project details:

After being a part of and working on Obernewtyn.net for over half of my life, and working with Isobelle Carmody directly for both the Greylands eBook launch and on her blog, The Slipstream, it was a dream come true to work with Isobelle on putting together elements of the spectacular masked ball that had always been planned to send off the Obernewtyn Chronicles, once The Red Queen was launched. 

The ticketing website needed to be extremely customised; guests were able to buy single, double, or family tickets; they could choose one of four books with their ticket, and they could opt to attend one of two sessions (but not both). On top of that, they had the option of buying additional books, and could pre-purchase “ferment” tokens (drinks). 

The ticket website also needed to include a Frequently asked questions page, for guests to both check and submit questions to. 

The site needed to evolve as the event drew closer; the tickets altered (in price and configuration), and donations to the two charities that the night was raising money for needed to be able to be collected via the website, too. 

It presented quite a challenge but with woocommerce and a few of their professional plugins (Name your price, Min/Max quantities) the site served its purpose well. 

Along with managing the ticket website, I took upon the task of generating guest’s etickets, and also designing and laying out the program, which was written by a number of fans and Isobelle. 

The site is a skeleton of what it once was now, since the event has passed, but it was a great event to be part of. 

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