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Life Stories Mentor

June Alexander is the author of nine books; she has a Ph.D. in the life writing process, and 20+ years experience in mentoring others in writing their life stories.

It's your time to write, from experience, insight and the heart


If there are angels in the IT world, Min is lead angel number one. Thank you, Min, for making difficult things seem easy, for your inspiring flair, for your empathic and compassionate approach, for your patience, and for your super-sleuth powers in finding and presenting creative solutions. So glad I found you.

-- June Alexander


Web project details:

June had an existing WordPress.com website that she was not happy with; the look and feel was too generic and used too many stock photos for her, and her web developer had charged her (in the region of) $9000 for what she wasn’t happy with. There was no SEO plan and overall June wanted something that reflected her personality for this very personal blog. She also wanted to be able to record podcasts and list them on her site. She also wanted to keep the existing functionality that allowed her to cross-post to her social media accounts automatically and the ability to email users automatically when a new blog post was published. 

I arranged for hosting and ported June’s existing .com site into a WordPress.org site, with the intention of developing a new theme for it over time. In the interim I used the (default) Twenty Fifteen theme, and subbed in June’s personal photos. 

With the website handover now completed, I got into the design phase with June, and we came up with a personal but professional look and feel for her business. I’m particularly proud of the colour scheme I came up with; it’s bright and interesting but still professional. 

For podcasting, I used Seriously Simple Podcasting, and along with a few custom post types created for testimonials and the like, the rest of the website is content and image based, so I just needed to come up with a nice, consistent way to unify and present it. 

June loves it. It was a lovely, simple little site that took about four days in total to develop and I believe it truly reflects June’s personality now. 

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