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Function Well

Fostering a holistic approach to fitness through our specialised zones and 95+ classes per week. Function Well is OPEN 24/7 and the place to optimise your health and enhance your lifestyle.

Holistic Approach. Results Based. Community Focussed.


Emily and Melinda did an incredible job bringing my vision to life for our new website. Using their creativity and experience they were able to deliver a website that was specific and unique to my businesses needs, with custom pages and various other elements.

They were very attentive to the brief and kept me informed throughout the whole process.

The end result is an amazing website that is very user friendly for our staff to manage ongoing, which is imperative for us.

The new website has most definitely had a positive impact on my business.

-- Darren Bain

Founder of Function Well

Web project details:

The Function Well website is a collaboration between myself and a colleague from the agency days, Emily AKA EmDash Design. Emily was in charge of aesthetic layout and project management, and I took on the task of turning her design into a bespoke WordPress website that would allow the client full control over the structural layout of a series of ‘modules’. 

This was a really fun website to work on: creating a series of block types within WordPress that could be laid out any order on any page encouraged me to push the limits of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin’s conditional logic, and along with the different custom sections required, a ton of new modular code was created specifically for this project.

The attention put into modularisation means the client and their staff can manage the website entirely themselves, with no guess-work regarding the output; they input simple data (text, images, links, YouTube urls, etc), set the space between each module, and field selections are drawn through to the theme and styled according to the module/block selected. 

Emily is a really gorgeous designer, and it was a delight to take her layouts and code them up into beautiful, dynamic zones with greyscale-to-colour transitions and subtle motion, built entirely with CSS to maximise performance. 

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