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  • That time my partner built me a TARDIS

    First, there was a TARDIS cake from Paul’s mum, then there was the day I got home from work to find a TARDIS in my office doorway. Paul presented me with a TARDIS key: The detail is just…amazing. Now need to walk through the TARDIS to get into my office. […]

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  • Catching up: April / May Links of Note

    So much fandom I don’t know where to start…so, in no logical order (it’s more fun that way): The final movie in the Cornetto Trilogy (Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright films), ‘The Worlds End’, kicks off in September! Another reason to love R2D2 (if we needed one): he makes coffee! At least […]

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  • Bytes of Science, Bits of Random

    Some amazing and/or odd stuffs: Paris tries out virtual boarding attendants in their airport Massive iPhone case looks like an ear, freaks out everybody An interview with Benjamin Harff, who lovingly created a beautifully illustrated copy of (Tolkien’s) The Silmarillion A device called the Wacom Inkling arrives, transfers anything you draw on […]

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  • Doctor got stuff, stuff is cool

    I <3 my Doctor. Daleks love Cats. Who doesn’t (geddit? Who? Coz of Doctor WHO? Haha..ha..?) Life-sized, mirrored model of the TARDIS – WHOA. Doctales, woo-oo-oo! Glaswegian TARDIS cafe. *cue cups are bigger on the inside joke* Daleks back on the bridges of London, staging a famous scene from 1964. […]

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  • Fandom, and Oh, The Nostalgia

    It’s fascinating how as soon as a link pops up that has anything to do with Zelda or 8-bit gaming and the like pops up, we flock to it. Anyone would think we’re trying to vicariously relive our childhoods or something… >.> Infographic outlining the Evolutionary Biology of Hyrule Keep […]

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  • Dressups!

    Because we all love cosplay when it’s done properly! The most amazing Simpson’s cosplay evarrr XD A couple build a cosplay costume of Amaterasu from Okami for their gorgeous dog Dante. Molly Quinn (Alexis from Castle) scores the Ultimate Win of Comic Con, by dressing up as Mal (Nathan Fillion / her […]

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  • Talented to Strange to Scary

    I’m always amazed at how many Awesome and Talented People there are frequenting the Interwebs. Such as: This guy took 39 songs he loved, and mashed them, in Madeon – Pop Culture (live mashup) The EPIC Browncoat Anthem (A Firefly and Serenity Rap) A beautiful Ocean Sky time lapse filmed […]

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  • Fandom plus Real Life Collection

    All amazingly found on the same link session, we have: Whack Nathan Fillion on a product and it will SELL (comic): Gutters, issue 57. It’s funny coz it’s true. A real-life Marauder’s Map! From thinkgeek. Luke Skywalker is sad / Luke Skywalker is emo. The Star Wars Cantina Band song. […]

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  • Magical Romp Through Linkland

    Because it was oh so magical. Just like this video; potentially the best video ever created. Flirting with Magic Also featuring in the Romp: Instructions on How to repair anything. It really works!!!11 Star Tours: Disney/Star Wars crossover fanart. Epic Lord of the Rings locations made out of Lego.

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