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Uniquely Australian Foods

Australians love their food. But how do we get the rest of the world to fall in love with Aussie cuisine? The Uniquely Australian Foods project aims to change the way Australians – and the world – thinks about Australia’s cuisine and food products. We are collaborating with Indigenous communities across Australia, food industry entrepreneurs and a research team spanning law, engineering, food science and the social sciences, to create a new agri-food sector based on uniquely Australian foods.

Celebrating Australia's unique food identity


It was a real pleasure working with you. I think I had become accustomed to working with [businesses where] everything took several business cases, meetings, justification and months to implement.

-- Sophie Ader

Engagement Coordinator
Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI)
The University of Queensland

Web project details:

The Uniquely Australian Foods project is one I undertook several years ago when QAAFI (UQ) hired me as a contractor to create a bespoke website theme for their new research project; one that collaborated with Indigenous enterprise, advisory groups and marketing teams to assist with promoting native Australian foods and turning them into branded products.

The project is ever-evolving as the research progresses; where we started with few publications, it has now split into categories, and will likely incorporate an advanced filtering tool for publications in the near future. While there was a single page for events initially, there is now a full-on events management system. And while there was a basic WordPress login to begin with, there is now a membership subscription system, configured to allow authorised users to gain access to authorised sections. 

I’ve worked with the QAAFI team on several projects and they’re a great group of people to work with; always positive and innovative, developing inspirational systems to serve the best interests of – everybody. I look forward to seeing how the UAF project continues to evolve in the future. 

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