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OMG! Squee!

OMG Squee is a personal project that I started for fun with a couple of friends I met on Obernewtyn.net, intended to be a geeky portal where we could write about the tv shows, movies, anime, comics and books that we love in a blog-gy fashion.

We all *squee* about something!

Web project details:

It’s built on WordPress, the world’s most popular blogging software – and look, it’s responsive (i.e., the site changes the position of the content to optimise for mobile devices and iPads)!

The blog isn’t updated quite as often as  I’d like it to be, but when I get a spare moment I really enjoy writing for it.

We’ve been managed to be linked to from other reputable geek-god blogs, such as whedonesque.com for our Joss Whedon Melbourne Writers’ Festival transcript, and Aurealis-Award-winning author Marianne De Pierre’s YA site, Burn Bright.

OMG-Squee blog homepage.

OMG-Squee blog homepage.

Visit omg-squee.com

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