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Empowered Futures

Empowered Futures is the vision of parents and professionals Brett & Carolyn Swann, who have combined their experience with their own personal journey of caring for their daughter Lucy to establish Queensland’s newest and one of its most exciting disability providers.

Empowering people with unique abilities


I have worked with Min now on two websites both for organisations working within the disability sector. She was amazing to work with and understood our needs well which is reflected in the final products. Min listened to my requests, explained things in plain language and checked in at every step to make sure I was happy. The fact that I used her for the second site says it all. Happy I was! I would recommend her services to anyone seeking an interactive and high impact website especially to those who are not quite sure where to start. She is delightful to work with and made the whole process very easy and painless. Thanks Heaps Min.

-- Brett Swann

Managing Director, Empowered Futures Pty Ltd

Web project details:

Brett and Carolyn wanted a neat, community-oriented website to showcase their new business, which will be officially kicking off in 2015.

They wanted to be able to highlight the important services that Empowered Futures would offer, enable parents and care-givers to find helpful resources online, and make it easy for people in need and businesses interested in supporting Empowered Futures to contact them.
They also wanted to encourage users to participate through their Facebook group, and a blog to post the latest news in their sector.

Being able to feature their story of their daughter Lucy, was of great importance to Brett and Carolyn, as well. Brett and Carolyn intend on sharing many stories – testimonials and case studies from other parents and young people they’ve assisted over the years – so needed a way to create and promote those.

After working with Brett on the Enhanced Care Association website, I was excited to be able to work on another project for these kind people.

Brett provided me with a logo, which is gorgeous – and the site design evolved around that, using the bright colours extensively throughout the site.

The Empowered Futures website is responsive (works seamlessly on all screen and device sizes including phones, tablets and desktops), with each button having dynamic css3 animations to make it that extra bit special.
Brett and Carolyn can edit the website via the WordPress backend, including all of the copy, sidebars, and homepage content. The Facebook group feed was integrated into the site’s sidebar, which displays recent posts to the group and offers a join button.

Visit empoweredfutures.com.au

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