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New website, Trelowarren, goes live!

About a week ago one of the largest projects I’ve taken on launched – Trelowarren. This beautiful website has been an absolute joy to build and work on and I’m ecstatic to feature it in my blog.

Trelowarren got in touch with me about mid last year to bid for their website redevelopment – they had a content-heavy site that had existed since 2002, and was in need of a refresh so as to adhere to the latest web and SEO standards.

The Trelowarren website; perhaps my most highly customised WordPress website yet.

After wining the contract and receiving the new branding guidelines, the fun began – and what a site this was to build! I took my time with every element that needed to be created, to ensure that it was developed in a way that would make it simple for the client to manage, but also present as intended on the front end. It was a challenge to my coding skills, but I loved it and I have come out the other side with a host of new skills, and presented the client with a beautiful new website that they love to both look at and edit.

To read more about the details of the Trelowarren website build, visit my case study on it.

Or, just hurry up and visit the Trelowarren website and see for yourself what I’m gushing about.

This website makes me proud of the work I do and reenforces the reason I am a developer: to make the web a better place.

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