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ICE Group

ICE Group is a complete Design House that specialise in unique creative endeavours and prototypes.

With over fifty years of combined experience in design, drafting, engineering, electrical and manufacturing processes, ICE promises to deliver you a complete package.

Web project details:

ICE Group’s main goal was to get their website updated – fast – since their old website was entirely Flash-based (from many years ago), so didn’t work on iDevices. They also needed an easy way to update their portfolio items whenever they wanted to, and ideally wanted a nicer way to showcase their portfolio pieces. Other than that, they wanted a simple, informative website that told the world who they are and what they are capable of.

Using an expanded version of the Blogger module, I created them a WordPress website, so that they could update the content themselves, as one of their problems with their Flash website was that they couldn’t update it easily. For go-live, I wrote the content, but for future updates, ICE Group will take care of the copy and images themselves.

Their lead designer and I found an existing WordPress theme together that we could plug straight into the site and after a few customisations and modifications to the theme, ICE Group had a much more professional, While it’s not responsive (as I didn’t code this theme from scratch myself), they had an iDevice compliant website up and live in a flash.

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