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  • That time my partner built me a TARDIS

    First, there was a TARDIS cake from Paul’s mum, then there was the day I got home from work to find a TARDIS in my office doorway. Paul presented me with a TARDIS key: The detail is just…amazing. Now need to walk through the TARDIS to get into my office. […]

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  • Paul’s mum made me a TARDIS cake

    For my birthday this year, Paul’s mum made me an EPIC TARDIS cake. Inside it was a rainbow! Edit: Paul’s mum has sent me some photos from the construction phase too to share: NOMS. And then my partner went and built me a TARDIS. It’s been a timey-wimey year.

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  • Catching up: April / May Links of Note

    So much fandom I don’t know where to start…so, in no logical order (it’s more fun that way): The final movie in the Cornetto Trilogy (Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright films), ‘The Worlds End’, kicks off in September! Another reason to love R2D2 (if we needed one): he makes coffee! At least […]

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  • TV Crossover Links (mostly Doctor Who…)

    Some recent gems related to the wonder of Doctor Who: All 11 Doctors, as cats, at Doctor Mew You can buy River Song’s spoilery TARDIS journal Watch 10th Doctor regenerate into 11th Doctor – on Facebook A genius sings the Doctor Who theme song, a capella (to which Steven Moffat […]

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  • Doctor got stuff, stuff is cool

    I <3 my Doctor. Daleks love Cats. Who doesn’t (geddit? Who? Coz of Doctor WHO? Haha..ha..?) Life-sized, mirrored model of the TARDIS – WHOA. Doctales, woo-oo-oo! Glaswegian TARDIS cafe. *cue cups are bigger on the inside joke* Daleks back on the bridges of London, staging a famous scene from 1964. […]

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