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Reichler Clinic

The Reichler Clinic is a personal project. You know how occasionally in film or television you’ll see a website used in shot that doesn’t exist – and then somebody makes it – be it a fan, or PR team of the show or movie? The Reichler Clinic is one of those!

Through the transparency of now: the future...

Web project details:

The Reichler Clinic is an organisation that exists in Isobelle Carmody’s Obernewtyn Chronicles, in the ‘Beforetime’ (time that exists prior to the books timeline). It’s a nod to the fandom, with a tongue-in-cheek attitude.

This site was built on wordpress, and while it is based on an entirely fictional organisation, it has several interesting and useful features that real organisations might like, including:

  • a customise online quiz that delivers results straight away (see Test Yourself)
  • a blog with comments and social media integration

At the Reichler Clinic we believe all people possess paranormal abilities, which can manifest and be triggered in any number of ways. Detection and strengthening of paranormal abilities has for far too long been left to the realms of science-fiction. The Reichler Clinic are proving that it is science-fact.

Visit reichlerclinic.org

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