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Obernewtyn . net

Obernewtyn.net, or as it’s known amongst it’s fans, Obernet, is my baby. It’s where it all began, really.

Obernewtyn.net: The Isobelle Carmody online fan community

Web project details:

I didn’t start the concept, nor did I start the original site, but since 2000 it’s been my primary focus and the reason I have been able to pursue web design as a full-time career.

Obernewtyn.net is a fansite portal, focussed on the complete written works of Internaional-bestselling / Australian born author and illustrator, Isobelle Carmody. It has, since 1999, been an active fanbase, for all things Obernewtyn and generally Carmody related.

In 2004 / 2005, as part of the administration team at that time, the site was converted from a flat-file format (that was quite tedious for the volunteer adminstration to update as the site grew), to a fully-integrated CMS-solution site, based on e107.org, a php/MySQL system. Since then it has continued to grow, evolve and feature internationally. We were published in the Irish magazine, INIS: The Children’s Books Ireland Magazine, and in the final pages of Isobelle Carmody’s 5th Obernewtyn Chronicles Book, The Stone Key.

I could gush about this site all day long. It is, I firmly believe, the reason I am where I am today. I am, most definitely, proud to be a misfit.

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