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Mooroolbark Theatre Group Inc

Founded in 1978 by Arline & Tommy Myers, the Mooroolbark Theatre Group has always prided itself on entertaining audiences within a fun and social atmosphere. We specialise in comedy productions in a relaxed cabaret style setting, based at the Mooroolbark Community Centre.

High quality comedy in the local community


Min was a delight to work with. She developed a beautiful website with minimal guidance from us, which we are delighted to now have representing our group. We are particularly grateful for the layout, which has been customised in great detail to suit our exact needs, mostly based on her own analysis. We have had to request very few adjustments simply because Min has such fine attention to detail, and an excellent feel for our needs. When adjustments were needed Min was very happy to oblige and completed them in short order. All of Min's work has been delivered quickly and to a very high standard, and she has been available and ready to work to our schedule, highly responsive to any requests and queries. We never felt any hesitation in requesting changes or explanations, as Min was friendly and clearly willing to help us and set up the best website possible, and make sure we understood every step of the process. Overall she was very supportive and professional, and her hard work is greatly appreciated. Thank-you Min!

-- Emi Martin

President of Mooroolbark Theatre Group Inc

Web project details:

The old MTG website included a black background with yellow, white and purple text, and was a testament to websites of the 1990’s. It served it’s purpose, but Emi, as new President, wanted the MTG group to have a bit more pizazz, and to truly reflect the Mooroolbark Theatre Group of today. They wanted a nice way to present information about upcoming plays, and a way to include call outs for auditions and readings. 

Using WordPress and a few custom post types creates specifically for the job, littered with custom fields, I created a Production centre for their past and future productions. Multiple tabs within the edit screen allow the administrator to enter everything from audition times to production times, to reviews and director’s quotes, to cast and crew – anything and everything that is relevant to the production.

The coding challenge for the MTG website was that I wasn’t using a pre-built events management system, as none of them did really what I wanted them to do. So, there was a lot of custom if/else statements, all hinging around whether the date of the production was in the past or future, which determined which content displayed on the page (eg, it doesn’t make sense for audition details to appear on the page after the production has already passed).

This development challenge was fun; it was good to come up with a variable I could call whenever I needed to check the date, and the end result is a purpose-built system that gives MTG exactly what they needed. 

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