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Falmouth Active Health

Providing Osteopathy, Sports and Remedial Massage, Sports Therapy, Acupuncture, Pilates, Rehabilitation – experienced manual therapists in Falmouth, Cornwall.

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Melinda created my website for a growing physical therapy clinic. Owning your own business can be stressful, particularly when you are very technologically ‘inefficient’. I had worked with other website designers, but the website never seemed to turn out as I had hoped.
After working with Melinda on my site, I immediately realised how good she was and how much better she was compared to the other designers I had worked with. I felt that she really listened to what I needed and was so incredibly responsive with any issue that I had (or have).
The website is exactly what I wanted and for the first time since I started my business over 15 years ago, I feel I have a website that I’m really happy with.
I cannot recommended Melinda enough.

-- Lizzie Bird

Owner of Falmouth Active Health

Web project details:

Lizzie needed a new website that she’d be able to add information about her therapists, her therapy types, events and blog posts on herself with a simple interface – she didn’t want or need a full-blown events system.

Through WordPress’ custom post types and advanced custom fields, I created a number of custom areas that were tailored to specifically suit Lizzie’s needs, reducing the bloat on the site, and where possible fields are text- or textarea-based so that the formatting is all controlled on the front-end to make it as consistent as possible (and as simple for Lizzie to update as possible).

Forms for bookings and enquiries were implemented using Ninja forms which offers a drag-and-drop interface for administrators to make changes to. 

A nice, clean, simple site to facilitate Lizzie’s specific business needs 🙂 

Visit falmouthactivehealth.co.uk

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