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Actively Balanced Kids

Actively Balanced Kids is an evidence-driven program incorporating movement, mindfulness, breathing, relaxation and yoga, woven into fun, original and engaging children’s stories.

Movement and Mindfulness


I am so glad I hired Min to create my website. Not only has she done a fantastic job creating a website that is better then I could imagine but she has constantly provided me with support and feedback to ensure my vision came to life. Min is a great communicator and is patient and generous with her time and I would have no hesitation asking Min to design a website for me again in the future.

-- Amanda

Owner of Actively Balanced Kids

Web project details:

Developing a completely new children’s activity to help kids cope with our busy lives and environment, medical librarian Amanda and child psychologist Ben needed a website that would enable parents to book their children into and pay for their classes. They wanted to place all the research and resources they had used during development of the program for parents to read, to support why their new program will work and help children between the ages of 4 and 12. 

After doing some heavy research of my own into whether or not there was a solution we could simply purchase that didn’t cost a fortune (there wasn’t), I custom-built Amanda’s solution using WordPress, Woocommerce (variable products), Advanced Custom Fields, Zapier and a whole heap of custom coding, including custom post types and Woocommerce filters to include some custom fields during checkout. 

Amanda forwarded me all of the resources she had already had created – the cartoon children for her parent and trainer handbooks – and I created a design that used these poses wherever possible, as I felt they added a fun, dynamic and consistent feel to both online and offline resources. 

Another important consideration was for Amanda to be able to easily track who had booked into which class for the term, and which parent’s had booked trials, as opposed to full terms. The Zapier addon for WordPress allowed me to link the Woocommerce order to Google sheets, meaning that once an order is completed in Woocommerce, the details Amanda needs to tracked are pushed into a new spreadsheet row, and Amanda has a very quick way of seeing exactly who is booked in and when, without having to go into each individual order’s details. 

It was a really fun, cute website to make, and I enjoyed coming up with logical and simple processes that would help Amanda sort through the orders and keep track of her class attendees. 

Visit activelybalancedkids.com.au

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