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AAAO-Engineering is the website for the Brisbane-based contract engineering organisation.

AAAO-EC has over thirty five years experience working in the drilling, piling, construction, mining, manufacturing, material handling, cranes, lifting equipment, processing and exploration industries.

Web project details:

AAAO-Engineering was after the complete package; branding, website, domain and email setup and copy consultation, for their existing company.

I don’t usually do logo design, but I tried it out with AAAO-Engineering and they liked the results. The domain name was secured and the hosting planned; after that I built a wordpress website that would serve three main functions:

  • showcasing the existing/previous work of AAAO-Engineering,
  • enable information to be posted about upcoming projects (Research and development),
  • allow information to be shared amongst engineers.

WordPress’ in-build gallery function serves as an adequate portfolio for existing projects, and the blog is a good way to share information with other people. Additionally, a membership plugin was included, which allows for member-only pages to be created by the client, so that specific information such as mechanical formulas are only shared with people who are vetted prior to gaining access.

The client entered his copy and images, and then I ran over each page and tweaked here and there at his request.

Visit aaaoengineering.com.au

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