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A writer’s website is one that promotes an author’s work and often sells it to readers, through either a 3rd party book selling tool such as Amazon/Kindle or Google Books, or through an integrated ecommerce solution such as Woocommerce, whether the books be in hard copy or eBook format. Writer websites often include reviews from readers who’ve loved their work, and information on the kinds of writing the writer can offer as a service to prospective clients. Writers often opt to have a blog where they can communicate their processes and thoughts to their readers.

  • The Slipstream

    Webblog of acclaimed Australian author Isobelle Carmody. Slipstream falls between speculative fiction and mainstream fiction. While some slipstream novels employ elements of science fiction or fantasy, not all do.

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  • Greylands eBook Launch

    The Greylands eBook Launch site was live for approximately one month, starting July 4th 2012, as a carefully-managed and -timed online showcase/event. It featured the launch of Isobelle Carmody’s Greylands novel as an eBook, a book trailer, competitions and a hugely-popular Great eBook Debate.

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